More and more parents today are turning away from traditional clothes for their babies that are known to contain pesticide residue. Instead, they are opting to dress their babies in clothing made from organic materials. The reason why they are making this change has to do with the benefits of using organic baby clothing, both to the planet and to their children.

No Chemicals

Traditional clothing is made from materials that were grown or harvested using pesticides and/or herbicides. These chemicals are known to contaminate water that runs off or into the ground.

They also cause irritation in people who are sensitive to them, and often people do not even realize that the clothes they wear are the cause of their irritation and rashes. Organic clothing does not carry this risk because no chemicals are used during the growing or manufacturing of the materials.

Low-Impact Dyes

The dyes that are used to color organic fabrics are called ‘low-impact dyes’. This means the dyes have been certified by an international certification process as being eco-friendly. In other words, the dyes are not harmful to the environment or factory workers.


All of the above may be fine and good for some people regardless of what their childrens organic clothes may look like, but others also want their children to be fashionably dressed. Fortunately, parents do not need to sacrifice fashion in their efforts to be eco-friendly.

There are many adorable dresses and outfits made from organic materials meant for babies. Parents have many different style options to choose from. People who cannot find organic clothing locally will have no problem finding styles they like online. Parents who want to teach their children to respect the planet can start at birth by dressing them in organic clothing. This is an easy way to pass along love of Mother Earth.